Passion is art. };]


Renewed passions

I t has been way too long since I have blogged here. I have had a renewed sense of creativity lately and want to do this weekly. Starting off, I am working on a new look and brand. My original logo was concieved many eons ago and it seems Ed Hardy has ground the “look” […]

Cross- Pollination

When will Facebook allow a comments API??? I suppose privacy would still be an issue.


Petit Le Mans 2011

About a hundred photos I took at the 2011 Petit Le Mans. Not all are good, but I thought it would be fun to post them anyway. Ethan and I had perfect weather with my friends Donnie and Hayley. We will have to go again next year for sure. Good Times 😀


Super Moon!

Super Moon – Flowery Branch, GA 5/19-20/11.

I took a lot of pics of the Super Moon the other night. Got to editing some and here is what I have. From my Nikon, and a friends telescope and my iPhone 3GS.

The brighter looking images were taken last. Set at 1800 ISO on a tripod with a long exposure, they look incredibly like daytime.



Ethan is explaining to Mom how the creek runs through our neighborhood.

Happy Sisters

Loving Sisters

It is really great when the girls get along.


Traveling Sisters

We had a great walk in the park today. It was very cold for GA, we expect snow tonight. I took a few shots. This is the last of them. I like it. 😀



This completed a life changing trip to New York just before 9/11. I sold a print for $300 to one person. She has the only real piece now.



My brother Aaron has this one too. It is starting to get ragged and fall apart. Decoupage is not what one uses for an archival work of art. The aging effect of peeled edges and bubbling waves of paper however, really does add to it’s character.